More Tips to Combat Bad Breath

More Tips to Combat Bad Breath

Bad breath

Bad breath occurs more or less intensity by more than half of the people, causing severe social rejection or insecurity, bad breath because it prevents us from relating to others.

Some people do not pay attention to your bad breath and those who exaggerate, therefore it is necessary to diagnose a doctor.

Sometimes not you realize yourself that you have bad breath, and if you do only what you consider a problem of yours. But more than that, because it is considered a condition called halitosis, and we need to see a specialist to finish with him immediately.

More information on disease and organs that cause bad breath.

Tips to Combat Bad Breath

• Have good oral hygiene three times a day.

• Brush your teeth, but also your tongue with toothpaste, then bad breath is caused by sulfur compounds produced by bacteria that grow on the tongue, especially in the back.

• Drink two liters of raw water between meals to keep your mouth hydrated.

• Drink green tea, because their enzymes act against bacteria, tooth decay and infection, and break down food debris between teeth.

• Take tea with mint, parsley, lemon balm, mint, wormwood or holly, because they prevent bad breath.

• Consume olive oil, which inhibits the bad breath.

Limit your intake of spicy dishes.

• Do not smoke or drink alcohol.