Maintenance of healthy and clean teeth

Maintenance of healthy and clean teeth

Chewing sugarless gum really helps to reduce plaque, a sticky substance full of bacteria that contribute to dental Caries. Chewing stimulates saliva production which in turn neutralizes the acids formed by plaque. These acids slowly break down tooth enamel causing a decline it. See other benefits here.

Cavities are holes caused by the breakdown of tooth enamel. If not treated early can cause tooth decay and nerves, causing bad breath and pain in cases of mouth and head of the most annoying.

Acidic foods and bacteria help dissolve minerals found in the enamel of the teeth, but these minerals are naturally replaced by the new saliva. The production of saliva stimulated by chewing sugar-free gum containing high concentrations of bicarbonate ions for re-mineralising and easy replacement of lost minerals. See affects of bad foods.

The sugar gum have many, however, encourage the bacterial acid production, lethal to teeth where they eventually suffer very unwanted effect that leads to the different types of cavities in the mouth. Why is never convenient to eat as many sugary foods, especially chewing gum and sweets of various kinds since the damage as a person begins their development is very harmful to the oral health of each.

Encouraging children to not eat too much sugar, apart from generating positive habits for caring for these annoying symptoms involved in sugar diet for the whole body in general.

How can I improve the appearance of my teeth?

Improving your teeth can seem like a challenge.

You may even find yourself coming across many solutions and not knowing which one to pick as they all sound similar. If you have chipped or cracked teeth, it would be good to look at options such as veneers or dental crowns. Click here to see more on improving your teeth.