Tips to Combat Bad Breath

Tips to Combat Bad Breath

Reasons for bad breath

Until recently, bad breath is wrongly attributed to the stomach. But now there are devices that locate the source of the odour throughout the mouth, as there is breath in my mouth when the amount of bacteria needed for digestion increase in the tongue, gums, teeth, palate and throat, producing chemicals called sulfide even in low concentrations create an unpleasant odour. A medical examination is done by chemical analysis and discusses the smell of the mouth, tongue and saliva.

Don’t let bad breath take over your life

If you are experiencing bad breath and notice that it gradually gets worse, visit a dentist who can give you advice on keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

If you follow the tips and advice you will notice a great change in your mouths hygiene.

The main cause of bad breath is to have a mouth that is not clean and fresh.

The following reasons are not diseases of the mouth or teeth, and therefore are easy to prevent:

• Brush your teeth so poor and tongue.

• Breathing through the mouth, it creates a lack of saliva.

• Age, it causes a decrease in saliva.

Using snuff or alcohol.

• Eating spicy foods, especially garlic and onion.

• Taking medications, especially for hypertension, diuretics, decongestants, amphetamines, antidepressants and anxiolytics.

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