Undoubtedly, the stage of teething your baby is a difficult time for you and your little one. When considering the many growing pains of your child must stay through the different stages of his / her life, waiting for the teeth to break through the skin may seem the most frustrating of all scoops.

So let’s say you are not interested in over-the-counter applications that are not natural, and comprehensive local health store does not have anything available. Now what? It’s time to use his wits and what you have on hand to help your baby. Here are some suggestions that may ease the pain of teething.


Ice can be used with care to ease the pain of teething. You can freeze the filtered water in a tray of BPA and the use of the buckets as needed. Make sure you have a good grip on ice and hold your baby upright, and use a bib to catch the melt.

2) Breastfeeding.

This is the most natural way to feed your baby, but did you know that it is also a good way to help your child through this process? This helps your child to calm down and the pressure of his / gum on the skin can help relieve pain.

3) Oil of cloves.

Your grandmother might have used this as a remedy for teething – Clove oil is completely natural and known to help with toothache. However, it should be used sparingly and not directly on the child’s mouth. Dilute a small amount of clove oil with other edible oil will not harm your baby (olive oil or almond oil can work) before applying to the gums.


4) Cool cloth.

A natural fiber cloth, wet, frozen or simply soaked in cold water, is a good alternative for the treatment of ice, if you worry about an accidental fall from the ice. The good thing about applying pressure on the gums with a washcloth is that you can adjust how cold to make the fabric so that your baby is comfortable.

When you find the method that works best for you, which apply when necessary. Teething is part of the growth process, and while it may be a frustrating time, you definitely do not want to miss the first tooth.