Create a better smile

Create a better smile

Ask most people what the one thing they would like to improve about their smile is, and the chances are they’ll say they’d like their teeth to be whiter. Fortunately, this has become possible allowing the procedure to be easy and painlessly! Teeth whitening should be a long-lasting, safe and natural process however this does sometimes depend on making the right decisions including what dentistry to consult.

Why do I need teeth whitening?

Tooth discolouration can happen to any of us. Mostly it’s down to our lifestyle – age, tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco can all cause our teeth to become discoloured and dulled. White+ is an easy, comfortable and healthy teeth whitening system, which speedily delivers outstanding and long-lasting results: an improvement of up to 8 lightening tinges (on the VITA Scale), which is maintained for a minimum of one year.

Enjoy time with your friends Many other dentist practices use different methods of teeth whitening and choosing one that suits you can make a huge difference in your life. Your smile can have an impact on your life and improve your confidence in many ways, so choose the right dentistry for you! Zoom teeth whitening is leading system used in cosmetic dentistry.

How does teeth whitening work?

Together with the White+ LED lamp, which accelerates and optimizes the effects of the gel, as well as further reducing sensitivity, the result is shorter and more comfortable treatments – typically 35-45 minutes at a fully-equipped clinic – with no side-effects. White+ includes both a solution for in-clinic application, and a kit for home use after the initial professional treatment. So you can maintain your healthier, whiter smile from the comfort and convenience of your home.