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Maintenance of a healthy and clean teeth

Maintenance of a healthy and clean teeth Chewing sugarless gum really helps to reduce plaque, a sticky substance full of bacteria that contribute to dental Caires. Chewing stimulates saliva production which in turn neutralizes the acids formed by plaque. These acids slowly break down tooth enamel causing a decline it. Cavities are holes caused by…
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Diseases And Organs That Cause Bad Breath

The following are reasons other diseases of the mouth or other organs that also cause bad breath: • Dental (gingivitis, periodontitis, candidiasis) • Gastrointestinal • Nose (rhinitis, sinusitis) • Lung (bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis) • Systemic (diabetes, cirrhosis, hepatitis, rheumatism, uremia)   • psychosomatic (stress, depression, hypochondria, schizophrenia) • Cancer or tumors

More Tips to Combat Bad Breath

Bad breath Bad breath occurs more or less intensity by more than half of the people, causing severe social rejection or insecurity, bad breath because it prevents us from relating to others. Some people do not pay attention to your bad breath and those who exaggerate, therefore it is necessary to diagnose a doctor. Sometimes…
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Choosing a Good Dentist

Choosing a Good Dentist 1. Instead of the query. Any treatment that do involve a certain time which will be linked to the consultation, which is why choosing a direction close to home or work. 2. Good treatment and communication. The dentist should explain your problem clearly and take your time. It is important that…
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Tips to Combat Bad Breath

Tips to Combat Bad Breath Reasons for bad breath Until recently, bad breath is wrongly attributed to the stomach. But now there are devices that locate the source of the odor throughout the mouth, as there is breath in my mouth when the amount of bacteria needed for digestion increase in the tongue, gums, teeth,…
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